Jesse Lamovsky works and writes from his home in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. A long-suffering fan of Cleveland teams, Jesse works out his sports angst for the online comedy magazine and for the online daily The Worst of Sports is his first book.

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Matthew Rosetti is a first-time author who, when not writing, masquerades as a banker. He resides in New York City, but hails from Scranton, Pennsylvania, where he once played an entire Little League season, swinging only once. The Worst of Sports is his first book.

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Charlie DeMarco is the editor of The Phat Phree, a comedy writer, and a die-hard Cleveland sports fan. As a child he dabbled in rooting for winning teams, but quickly came to his senses, realizing that cheering for teams from other cities doesn't make you a winner. It makes you a jackass.

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Ten-Cent Beer Night

Blood in the Water
The All-Bad Free-Agent Pitching Staff
The 1999 British Open

Jesse, Matt and Charlie will be doing lots of sports radio to promote the book. We'll keep you posted on the particulars.
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